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Pickup & Delivery


Step 1

Simply create an account online or on our Mobile App

Step 2

Schedule a pickup date online or through the App

Step 3

Leave your clothing in the provided bag 

Step 4

Receive your clothing right to your door on your delivery date

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be home?

NO! That's the beauty of our delivery service! You put your dirty laundry in a Mr. Le's Cleaners Bag, and leave it in your designated pickup location. We’ll pick up between the hours of 9am and 7pm on your service day (currently Tues/Fri). Your cleaned and pressed clothing will be hanging on your door for you on your next service day. 

Is there a fee for delivery?

NO! You get the same great quality and service as at our stores, delivered at no additional cost to you.

How do I pay?

We require a credit card on file for this service. The receipt will be e-mailed to you.

What if I need tailoring?

If it is simple tailoring (hem, pocket repair, buttons) drop a note in the bag with instructions. Specialized alterations require a visit to our tailors in person. Call one of our 7 locations for more information.

I don't have a place to hang the clothes when they are finished?

We’ll provide a hook for your front door, or you and your driver can decide on a drop off location together. (Side door, garage, front porch chair, etc.)

What if it's raining/snowing?

If there is no overhead protection for your clothing and there is active rain/snow storm, we will hold off delivering those items to you. You will be called by your driver.

Where do I get a Mr. Le's Bag?

Once you create an account and schedule a pickup date our driver will drop off a bag at your location. Or you are more than welcome to stop by one of our stores if you don't want to wait. 

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