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Mr. Le Dry Cleaners

Your Neighborhood Cleaners

Over the past 24 months, Michael Le and
David Le (aka the “Le Brothers”) have purchased
7 independent dry cleaning stores and branded
them under a new name called Mr. Le’s Cleaners.
With the acquisitions of these dry cleaners, and
potentially more, the Le Brothers are focused on
providing the highest quality of dry cleaning and
laundry services to their local communities.
According to the Le Brothers,
as they researched what to name
their new business, they wanted a
name that represented the values
that their parents taught them
when they came to America in
1975. That is to always; WORK
GRATEFUL. So the Le Brothers
decided to name the business after
their patriarch, whom they refer
to as the original “Mr. Le”.
The Le Brothers quickly realized
that the dry cleaning business
is a people business, where
trust and loyalty must be earned.
The previous owners spent their lives building
a successful business with loyal customers. This
process cannot be replicated through discounts
and fancy advertising. So at whatever cost, the
Le Brothers retained the previous owners and
their staff to insure the same quality and service
the customers were used to. One of the unique concept of Mr. Le’s Cleaners is how they are focused on their local communities. With special discounts and services, they support schools, active military personnel, veterans, policeman, fireman and even missionaries preparing to serve fulltime missions. Michael Le said, “Our support to the community and its people, is us paying back to the community that took us in with open arms when we lost everything after the Vietnam War. We

had nothing when we arrived to this great country
and now everything we have is because of those who sacrificed before us”. He went on and said, “We will always remember those people and continue to pay it forward whenever we can”. As Mr. Le’s Cleaners is establishing their footprint in the Salt Lake Valley, they’ve been busy adding new equipment, remodeling storefronts

and implementing new technology. All of this to help improve the cleaning process, communicating with clients and ultimately earning their customer’s trust. The Le Brothers have been working with companies like Comcast, Skipio, Google, Yelp and Cleancloud to help build a new communication platform for current and future services they provide. David Le also mentioned, “We are excited about the merger of many years of talent and experiences with all of our team members. Our goal is to grow the company organically through great people, simple processes and happy customers.
It won’t be easy, we know we will make some mistakes but we will do what is right for our customers and stand by our company moto:
We’re Happy When You’re Happy!”

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